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Peacock WomanHello Gorgeous!

Thank you so much for joining the Reclaiming Beauty community by signing up for the Reclaiming Beauty monthly newsletter. Perhaps this step is a first on your personal Reclaiming Beauty walk… if so, congratulations, brave Goddess! I am so happy you are joining us.

You will be receiving a monthly newsletter including guidance and inspiration for your Beauty Walk, tips on using Body Image as a Trailhead to Your Soul, and all the latest updates on Reclaiming Beauty offerings. Also, because Tarot, with all its beautiful symbology and wisdom, is a huge inspiration for my own Beauty Walk, I will share tidbits with you on using Tarot as a tool to gain Soul knowledge.

In the newsletter, you will be invited to share your thoughts and reflections on the Reclaiming Beauty blog. I hope you stay in touch and add your voice and valuable experiences to the Reclaiming Beauty conversation.

Welcome to the community!

I honor the beauty in you from the beauty in me.

Walk in beauty,

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