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Self-Portrait: Taking A Stand

A recent Virgo Freewill Astrology horoscope inspired me to share this Self-Portrait from 2000. I dedicate this Self-Portrait to the passion I have to take an “unshakeable” stand for women to reclaim beauty. Here are the wise words from Rob Brezny:

To be in alignment with current cosmic rhythms, it would make sense for you to fatten yourself up, Virgo — metaphorically speaking, that is. I think you’d benefit from having more ballast, more gravitas. You need to be sure you’re well-anchored and not easy to push around. It’s nearly time to take an unshakable stand for what you care about most.

The words “fatten yourself up” will probably freak out anyone struggling with body image. However, the metaphors represented in our physical bodies are important to pay attention to. The feminist in me does not believe it is a coincidence that women are given the message to be “small.” I love this image because it takes the places where I may have once felt judgmental of my body – “big” legs, “apple” shape, “big” belly, “big” breasts – and translates them into their powers:

big legs = groundedness, taking a powerful stand

no more an “apple shape” but rather a heart shape, reflecting my capacity for love and compassion

big belly = roundness, connection to my femininity, balance of power and softness

big breasts = big capacity for nurturing

and my open mouth = not afraid to break the silence and speak my truth

What’s wrong with being “big” anyway? I have given myself permission to take up space and be a wild and powerful woman in this world. And I dedicate that gift to YOU.

What are the parts of your body of which you are most judgmental? What are the metaphors reflected in your judgments?

Share a Self-Portrait with the Reclaiming Beauty community that reclaims the power in the parts of your body you judge. Be radical. Break free. Embrace your natural shape and the metaphors it offers to guide you to your inner beauty.