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Nature’s Greatest Creation

Skill: Self-Compassion

from Contributor: Sandy McGrath

Seven months ago, I began my journey back from the Underworld. It has been an incredibly trying quest, but worth every painful step. As a reflection of my experience in the Reclaiming Beauty Playshop and a tribute to the amazing woman that have walked this journey with me,  I wrote the following poem:

Mother Nature has a way with creations
She modifies size, type and destinations
There is one that is so pure
And of this I am sure.
When she created women
She designed them strong for protection
As she also made them very resistant.
But as the time passed along with the days
She noticed that women were unhappy in many ways
So she gave them what they needed for their stay
She visited the surface of the Earth
To unveil her ultimate creation before things got worse
There before women she stood and softly spoke
I am mother nature as you may see
I am your creator and everything that you claim to be
I have come to grant you what you all may need
She lifted her hands as golden light began to shine
From within the hearts of women divine
This is my gift to you she said
I’ve given it my mind so everything she may comprehend
A heart remarkably large so violence she does not intend
You may not abuse her for you were created to protect
She will be forever with you so consider yourself blessed
As she will help you find solutions and do her best
She will be there to guide you from one day to the other
This gift, you may say, is your ‘Inner Mother’

Image: Image is copyright ©Ardengrafix 2008

Fall 2011 Playshops Now Enrolling

Join a Circle of Women Healing Body Image and Reclaiming Beauty

2 New Playshops Forming for Fall 2011!

Returning Participants Welcome


Wednesdays, 4:00 – 5:30pm

September 7th – October 26th

for women in recovery from an eating disorder


Fridays, 10:00 – 11:30am

September 9th – October 28th

open to all women


Women’s Wellness and Education Center

24 Arlington St, Asheville, NC 28801


$200 for the 8 week series

($180 if paid in full by 8/31)

payment plans available

Space is Limited!

For More Information or to Register Contact:

Heidi Houser, MS, LPC

The Reclaiming Beauty Playshop is an opportunity to explore beauty and what it means to you through yoga, embodied movement, expressive arts and ritual. Participants explore personal body image identity, develop positive, self-honoring body practices, create a more loving relationship to their body and are inspired to share the reclaiming beauty message with the women in their lives.

Playshop Beauties June 2011

Taylor, Kimberly, Kimberly, Carey & Stacie ~

I honor the beauty in you from the beauty in me

Playshop Beauties May 2011

Many thanks to the first group of Beauties willing to begin this journey with me. LaDonna, Amanda & Carolyn ~ I am so inspired by your beauty walk.