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Finding Your Passion

Skills: Self-Knowledge

from Contributor: Sadie Carlson

At Tapestry, a residential treatment center for women with eating disorders in Brevard, NC, one of our most important groups is Passion Group. This group is about remembering what you value, what you give yourself credit for, and how you know yourself.  Women can participate in the societal norm that reduces our sense of self to appearance and weight. However, internal conflict occurs because we know we are more than that. We know we are curious, wise and skilled. Passion Group asks women to share what they are interested in, to make something and describe how it fulfills you, to feel and make and tell about what inspires you.  Each week something new is shared, an issue that fascinates and why, a poem written, a painting done, a song. We can give ourselves credit for doing something, learning or trying something new,  practicing a skill.  We have to! This is really how your self esteem increases, how your values are recognized, by practicing your passions and sharing them.

Collaborate not Compete!

What are the passions that give you a clearer sense of who you are? How does exploring your passions help you deepen your Self-Knowledge and reclaim your beauty?

Note from Heidi: We will feature expressive arts from Sadie’s Passion Group throughout this blog under the Category: Passion. Be inspired!

About the Contributor:

Sadie Carlson,  MA, MFT, is the Clinical Director of Tapestry. Sadie brings over 10 years of experience providing counseling, encouragement and leadership to children and adults in various organizations including mental health agencies, community based organizations, and corporations. She received her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. In particular the psychology of Eating Disorders, Trauma and True Self Identification are areas of focus she brings to working with women.  She believes the healing and true identification of women is connected to: how women treat their bodies, mindful living, social equality, relationship to loved ones and play in nature; and she incorporates these factors into counseling.

 Image: Collaborative Art created as a part of Passion Group, January 2012