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Sexy Mother Pucker

I really can’t believe it is May and my last post was in January! My writing silence comes from going through some deep inner work on my own parallel Reclaiming Beauty journey. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and insights which have been about my deepest fear, old back injuries resurfacing, chiropractic, Bikram Yoga and learning how to stay connected to my beauty when I don’t have external validation. Some major stuff just right for a Hanged Man year!

But while these ideas are percolating in me, I gotta tell you about this gift my sister Katie brought me when she came to visit last weekend… Sexy Mother Pucker lip plumping gloss. Isn’t that the most brilliant product name? I crown my sister Katie a Beauty Whisperer; she is on a mission to help spice up all mamas everywhere. Katie went through her biggest life breakdown-breakthrough a few years ago and emerged an even stronger women with a new luster, an inspiring sense of her own style and the greatest collection of sexy shoe therapy you ever saw. Now she is like the Reclaiming Beauty Fairy sharing fun accessories with me like this lip gloss.

I’m not usually a make-up kinda girl, but have been enjoying spicing myself up this week with a sexy mother pucker. And what an awesome name! Especially for me – I was a senior in high school when the Prince song ‘Sexy MF’ came out. Now I have a Sexy MF theme song appropriate for a mama. Us mamas all need some fun reminders of our desirability.

Thanks, Katie, you Beauty Whisperer, you!