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The Reclaiming Beauty Journal & Wisdom Deck book release party is this Saturday, November 7th! At the party, I am having a very special Self-Care Raffle. With every purchase of the Reclaiming Beauty Journal & Wisdom Deck at the party, you will get entered into the “RADICAL ACTS OF SELF-CARE RAFFLE.” So let me tell you a little about why this raffle is so special to me…

Reclaiming Beauty started with a spark the summer of 2012, and it was a creative labor of love over the next 3 years as I wrote, collaborated, and figured out the nuts and bolts of turning the manuscript and images into a tangible book and card deck – until the day came in August of 2015 when it finally found it’s way to my door. During this time, I got separated, divorced, transitioned to single parent lifestyle, raised my son from age 3 to 6, transitioned into working a full-time job and experienced my ex-husband get remarried and have another child. Writing this list out now, I have to pause, take a breath, and honor myself.

Reclaiming Beauty was a gift during this time in my life, a message to my own Soul, a way to make meaning of the life experiences I had gone through up until this point on my own journey, and an offering for fellow journeyers. And there was no way I could have made it through those transitions – or grieving those losses – without my self-care team, and what my sister, Katie, coined as RADICAL ACTS OF SELF-CARE.

Chiropractic, massage, yoga, getting my hair-cut, seeing an acupuncturist, facials, reiki, calling my healer friends, intuitive readings… these rituals became my healing balm. These acts of self-care were not a luxury, but an absolute necessity for my healing and peace of mind, to shepherd me safely through this passage in my Reclaiming Beauty journey. I am so grateful for the team of healers and friends I cultivated during this time. They supported me stepping into my strength and beauty everyday. And they became such champions for bringing Reclaiming Beauty into the world.

And so I am honored to share with you these AMAZING, POWERFUL and GORGEOUS women healers. Come meet them at the book release party on Saturday! And enter to win a session with them in the Radical Acts of Self-Care Raffle. You are worthy of healing, to step more fully into your own strength and beauty.


Walk in Beauty,

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Dr. Anya has a beautiful boutique chiropractic practice in downtown Asheville.  She uses a combination of adjustments, muscle work, and Crystalign Energetics for mind, body and soul.  She has 13 years of clinical experience and a background in mind-body science, yoga, nutrition, and wellness coaching.  Visit  www.crystalignchiropractic.com for more information! Click on the Online Scheduler to make an appointment or to schedule a FREE 10 minute phone consultation.



Amy is a wildly creative, independent, hair artist and owner of Nebula Beauty Lab. She will pamper you and treat you like a Queen.

aradia1-e1439166790690ARADIA OCEAN – ACUPUNCTURIST

Aradia’s healing practices that she has mastered over the past 20 years have led me to the same place: following the Love. Her treatment approach is firmly grounded in acupuncture, but it goes far beyond traditional Chinese medicine to include other powerful practices that help heal and unify the body and spirit. Each healing session is a dynamic response to the Divine wisdom that emerges as the body relaxes and opens to reveal areas of pain, resistance, and holding—all the places that want to receive more love and acceptance. Although many of her sessions include needles, they may also include cupping, gua sha, deep tissue massage, and trigger point therapy. This modality integration supports and heals the nervous system, circulatory system, tissues, organs, and is effective for acute or chronic injuries. She incorporates conscious breathwork, sound healing, intuitive readings and other awakening practices to integrate healing in the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.



Laura lee has worked as an Ergonomic consultant, massage therapist, and managed and owned a retail store that designed a clothing line called Mystic Eye. The Mystic Eye clothing line was featured in Seventeen Fashion Magazine, marketed at Art shows, and wholesaled around the country. These various professions were all based on movement, structure and innovative visual presentation and have led her to a place of being passionate about promoting health. Eating, movement, and play all supports one’s highest performance. Laura lee views our current culture as being inundated with dietary choices and activities that limit physical movement, which leads to illness and a lack of vitality and well being in adults and children. She loves to physically move and get others to move with her and desires that all people be healthy. She educate individuals and groups  in her home office and professional work spaces on how to have good ergonomic practices while working and playing. She also offers private massage therapy sessions. Laura lee believes that a person who is present and in their body is able to be happy, creative and inspirational.​


Danielle has been practicing massage therapy since 1998.  Since 1995, she became consciously aware of the importance of internal balance and harmony through meditation, thus began her life-long spiritual journey. She became deeply focused on her spiritual growth through the practice of Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong. In 2000, she was certified as a yoga instructor through Frog Pond Yoga in Massachusetts and Swami Vivekananda Yoga Ashram in Bangalore, India, as well as being graced by her Guru, Dr. VS Rao. In 2012, she was delighted to be certified to teach Primordial Qigong for Enlightened Love through her teacher Michael Winn in Asheville, NC. 

Danielle has studied extensively the ancient Hawaiian healing of Lomi Lomi, Chinese TuiNa and Qigong energy healing, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Somatic Experiencing.  She integrates all the skills she’s learned in 15 years, including Spiritual Guidance and creates the most appropriate treatment for the client in the present moment.  Danielle continues to grow spiritually through her personal practices, in the healing arts through continuing education, learning from humanity every moment in life, and grounding deeper into the core of her being and with Earth in humility so she can continue to share her healing gifts with this world. 


Heather PerryHEATHER PERRY – Esthetician & Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Heather Perry is a state certified Esthetician and Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist. Originally from Southern California, she relocated to the East Coast to explore the Mid-Atlantic and the South. Heather attended James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA where she received a B.S. in Sociology. She later earned her license in esthetics from the Virginia Institute of Esthetics in Virginia Beach and became dual licensed in massage and bodywork therapy from the Center for Massage and Natural Health here in beautiful Asheville, NC.

Navigating the personal stresses of everyday life can be a challenge. These stresses can be physical or emotional from work, family, or traumas you may have experienced. As we put others needs before our own, there becomes a lack of self-care that is sorely needed. Nurturing touch is one of the oldest forms of healing and can help decrease stress, anxiety, pain and soreness, promoting better sleep, and a stronger immune system. Personalized skin care plans address and treat concerns about your skin and use products that are right for uniquely you.


Kendra Gaffney


Kendra Gaffney was sprouted in the dirty south of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and raised in the small town of Makanda, Illinois where she attended college at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. After graduating with a B.S. in Food and Nutrition, specializing in Dietetics, Kendra went on to complete her graduate program/Dietetic Internship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville Tennessee. Following her graduation, she moved to the Emerald Coast of Florida.

After working as a clinical dietitian for 8 years in the Panhandle of Florida Kendra traveled the entire lower 48 searching for a place to open her dream business, Nutritious Thoughts LLC. The sights, sounds, and spirit of Asheville pulled her to the Valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Kendra is now the Founder and Nutrition Director of Nutritious Thoughts, LLC, where practitioners provide specialized care for disordered eating, eating disorders, weight management/loss, emotional eating, Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), compulsive exercise, and sports nutrition.



Christen Rinaldi is a certified Reiki Master-Teacher offering private sessions and Reiki training at her practice, Return To Balance With Reiki, located in Asheville, NC. She enjoys working with a wide variety of clients, from those seeking renewal and stress relief to those who are in active recovery from trauma or addiction.  In addition to private practice, Chris volunteers her Reiki services at Helios Warriors, a non-profit organization offering holistic therapies to veterans and their families. Her healing philosophy is one of meeting you “where you are” with total acceptance.




Not only is Leah an amazing artist and talented musician, she is also a sensitive and intuitive healer and energy worker. For this raffle she is offering a 60 minute phone session to support clearing energetic blocks and free full self-expression.





gdk with camera


Gurudarshan Khalsa provided the graphic layout for the Reclaiming Beauty Wisdom Deck and midwifed the project from card deck vision to tangible reality. Gurudarshan Khalsa’s current series was innovated while she was recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Initially, the creative process was merely a cathartic outlet. Later, she discovered that this visual language of images balanced her brain as a result of the symmetrical compositions. She realized that if the art’s regenerative properties worked for her, then it could heal others as well.

The creative process begins by photographing nature. Then, the artist digitally manipulates these images. They become visual meditations that balance the hemispheres of the brain. This brings a state of harmony and inner peace using sacred geometry. The work captures the divine feminine found in nature, and activates the divine masculine by creating symmetry.



Rob Jacoby tenaciously supported the book layout and self-publishing process of the Reclaiming Beauty Journal & Wisdom Deck, publishing the project with his company, The Master Key Press. Therapist, artist, survival instructor, and author Rob Jacoby draws upon all four areas of his life and experience to offer us The Map to Love: How to Navigate the Art of the Heart, a life-giving perspective on understanding the complexities of the emotional landscape, and most of all how to find love and fulfillment. His twenty year career helping people from all walks of life, from working in maximum security prisons to managing programs in some of the top adolescent psychiatric hospitals in the country counseling those suffering from extreme emotional problems gives this book its lived-in authority. His passion for creation, particularly painting and music, drives the spontaneity and rhythm of its prose and presentation. In between parenting his daughter, Rob currently works in residential therapeutic settings, private practice, and conducts workshops and seminars on Love, The Art of Counseling, Effective Parenting, Relationships, Equine Therapy, and Meditation. 
Rob loves what he does, and spends most of his time trying to understand love.
He still has more questions than answers.

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