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BalanceFinalLast month at the Bikram studio, one of my all-time favorite teachers, Ross Randall, made a slight change to his usual guiding principle of “Don’t be lazy, don’t be crazy.” In a new, by donation class experience he has created to benefit local non-profits complete with black lights, glow in the dark bracelets, and an accompanying soundtrack intentionally chosen for each posture in the yoga series, Ross charged us with an amended version of his motto just for the evening, “Be crazy!”

Welcome to Glowga!

I knew I was going to love this class, with two of my favorite things being woven together, Bikram yoga and music, but I had no idea the spiritual experience that was in store…

The class happens the second Friday of every month, and this second Friday was right before my birthday on September 17th – this particular birthday being the end of my Art/Synthesis year, the overarching Hierophant cycle, and the beginning of my Lovers year, Lovers cycle. I have been blogging about my growth year cycles for the past five years, which is pretty amazing to me at this point. You can follow the thread by clicking through the “Tarot Wisdom” category. The Lovers year is one where a person may feel the need to reassess relationships. They may feel drawn to deepen and expand some, shed others. For me, I feel this year is symbolic of an integrated embodiment of the Lovers archetype within myself.

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Zen Osho Tarot Deck

The back story – I returned to Bikram yoga after giving birth to my son with a clear intention. I wanted to balance my masculine and feminine energies. At the time, I was all feminine archetype – mothering, compassionate, feeling, intuitive. My body embodied this archetype. I needed the strong, structured container of the Bikram practice (masculine archetype) to support bringing me into balance. As I step into my Lovers year, I can feel inside myself and see externally this balance has come to fruition. The sacred marriage of the divine masculine and divine feminine within, giving birth to my Self, has been realized.

My consistent, dedicated yoga practice lay the foundation for the experience I am about to share. It happened, of course, in Tree Pose. In this pose, a person must first ground themselves into the Earth to feel strong and rooted, expressing the masculine energy. From this place, you then bring one leg up, balancing on the other leg, draw your foot up into your inner thigh, and use the opposing force to reach your energy up towards the sky and expand, expressing the feminine energy.

While practicing this pose, Ross played Aretha Franklin’s soul classic “You’re All I Need to Get By.” Listening to Aretha singing in the background, the tears flooded down my face. I felt a deep integration of the masculine/feminine energy within myself, an authentic self-love and self-approval I have never known. The soulful love song felt like my Self singing to my Self. It was trippy and beautiful and when it was over I laid down in Savasana and just let it all sink in.


Thoth Crowley Tarot Deck

As my birthday came and went that week, I reflected on this experience. I dedicate this Lovers year to All My Relations. In the practices I study, I am taught of the play of All My Relations – with Self, with other people, with the Earth and with the Divine. I am taught that my relationship with my Self will shape how my relationships manifest in the world. If this teaching is accurate, and this snapshot is the relationship that is happening with my Self here at the beginning of my Lovers year, than Wow I am excited for what is in store for this cycle of my life…

If you are interested in your current Growth Year Cycle, or personal Tarot Symbols, I would love to hear from you. Check out the Tarot for Your Soul offerings or contact me for a Tarot Profile at

And I’m curious, in the comments below, please tell me… Have you ever had a love song to yourself and if so, which song?

The next GLOWGA! class at the Asheville Bikram studio – Bikram Yoga class with music and blacklights-  will be Friday October 10th at 6:30pm. Maybe I’ll see you glowing in the hot room.

Walk in Beauty,

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Image: Leah Joy – Balance from the Reclaiming Beauty Wisdom Deck


Angeles Arrien: 1940 – 2014

In Memoriam: I am mostly a self-taught Tarot Lover. In 1999 I stumbled upon “The Tarot Handbook: A Practical Application of Visual Symbols” by Angeles Arrien in a funky bookstore in San Franciso, California. I have studied this book over the years to turn it into the torn, tattered and well-loved copy it is today. The author, Angeles Arrien, is a women I consider to be one of the most influential teachers of my life. Angeles Arrien died unexpectedly and prematurely earlier this year. I want to take a moment here to honor her and offer so much gratittude for the book she wrote that I discovered in that bookstore so many years ago, a book that has helped me create a lot of meaning out of the ups and downs of my life, and helped others to do the same.

I honor you, angel Angeles Arrien.  

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