Baby, You’re A Firework


It’s the 4th of July and you know what that means… time to celebrate FREEDOM. Freedom is key in the reclaiming beauty process because it is your reward when you overcome obstacles to embracing your unique beauty. From there, you can ‘Ignite your light and let it shine, you own the night like the fourth of July.’ You sing it, Katy Perry!

FREEDOM = Self-Love and Body Love

Today I declare independence from the approval of others to embrace my beauty. I choose the freedom to seek my own approval.

Take your first step towards FREEDOM. In the comments below, please share what obstacle to self-love and body love you declare independence from today!


9 thoughts on “Baby, You’re A Firework

  1. Sandy says:

    I declare independence from all of the false beauty ideals and need for “perfection” that I was brought up to believe.

    • heidi houser says:

      yes, you are already “perfect” when you embrace your unique blueprint… radical self-acceptance, Sandy!

  2. Katie says:

    Be free!

    • Jana says:

      At work, we used to make fun of this song. Some days I would come in and announce to my co-worker jokingly, “I feel like a plastic bag”.

      This Independence Day, I am freeing myself of the idea that I SHOULD be anything but myself. I declare freedom from others ideas (and my own ideas) of who, what, and how I should be, act, look, live, etc.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I declare independence from the idea that I am not enough: smart enough, pretty enough, funny enough, etc.

  4. I declare freedom from believing that to be “good”, i have to be under a certain weight and exercise so many times a week.

    Oh, i also declare freedom from being a bad “B—-” and declare freedom to be an AMAZING “Babe in TOTAL CONTROL OF HERSELF”. You go, Heidi!

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